Practice Areas

Fenton, Fenton, Smith, Reneau & Moon commits many of its resources to general liability and insurance defense (including workers compensation) representation in state and federal courts in Oklahoma. This means our lawyers are representing clients in a wide range of litigation matters, including the following:

Medical malpractice

One team of Fenton lawyers represents physicians, hospitals, nurses and other skilled medical practitioners, including mental health professionals in litigation against them for alleged breaches of the standard of care. The firm is engaged by the largest medical malpractice insurer in Oklahoma to represent its policyholders.

Products liability

Several of the firm's seasoned lawyers are engaged in representing product manufacturers and distributors who have been sued for alleged manufacturing defects in personal injury cases. The firm has represented large international manufacturers, including in the auto industry, as well as Oklahoma-based component part manufacturers. This area of practice has also included oilfield-related accident litigation and agriculture product litigation. The firm employs the assistance of the best scientific and/or technical experts in the pertinent fields.

Insurance coverage disputes and "bad faith" litigation

The firm has had particular focus in recent years representing insurers in "bad faith" litigation. In these cases Fenton, Fenton, Smith, Reneau & Moon has represented auto, health and liability insurance companies who have been sued for alleged breach of the obligation of good faith and fair dealing. In some instances this "first party" representation has been of insurance companies who also in other instances assign the firm "third party" cases to defend their insureds. The firm has also represented major insurance carriers in first-party actions against the carriers.

Personal injury

Since its beginning the firm has provided legal representation of individuals and businesses who have been sued for alleged negligence in personal injury matters. Sometimes these assignments have come from liability insurers, self-insured corporations, or from individuals or small businesses. Our lawyers are especially versed in medical issues that may arise in such litigation. They also obtain the assistance of the best board-certified physicians to review claims and advise on the defense of such actions. In addition to defense work, our lawyers also provide representation to those individuals who have been injured because of the negligence of others. Quite often both these plaintiff and defense cases arise from automobile accidents, including trucking-related tragedies. Our lawyers are highly experienced in understanding and presenting in court those arguments that best demonstrate the claims or defenses of our clients. They also make use of the finest accident reconstruction experts available in the nation.

Workers compensation

The very first day of the Fenton firm was a day in the then Industrial Court. Since that time the firm has represented thousands of small and large businesses in the Oklahoma Workers Compensation Court and done so in a manner consistent with the professional standards of Edgar Fenton. Our tireless team of workers compensation attorneys appear in Oklahoma City and Tulsa courts every week to represent the interests of business and workers compensation insurers as aggressively and competently as possible.

Commercial law

Our counseling and trial work in the commercial area is as diverse as our corporate clients. It involves contract disputes, construction issues, property disputes and many other challenges that meet businesses. The work occurs at federal and state court houses, arbitrations, mediations and settlement meetings.

* * *

In addition to the strong history of defense litigation, the firm now has a large section of "of counsel" lawyers who are primarily engaged in other forms of litigation or legal representation, including:

Civil rights

Our lawyers have represented individuals and employers in civil rights actions. This includes the representation of law enforcement officers and departments who face possible liability as a consequence of their official actions. Many times this is very high-profile litigation, meaning you have seen our lawyers on the evening news.

Property & Probate

We do not want to brag too much, but we consider our corps of property and probate lawyers to be the best in Oklahoma. They provide service for individuals who plan for their estates as well as to those families who unexpectedly need help at such a stressful time. These lawyers also provide assistance in land transactions for individuals and businesses throughout the state; and for enterprising individuals who wish to launch new corporations or partnerships in Oklahoma.