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Firm Overview

Professional litigation counsel

We hire the best of those lawyers wanting to take their cases to the courtroom. All of Fenton, Fenton, Smith, Reneau & Moon’s attorneys are courthouse lawyers – meaning those unafraid to stand up for their client’s rights in state and federal courts regardless of the odds or the formidable foes. This aggressive style, however, does not mean our lawyers engage in obstructive litigation tactics that serve only to drive up legal expenses. We have respect for our courts and our opposing counsel. We strive to act in accordance with the standards of courtesy and professionalism established for us by our founders, Edgar and Elliott Fenton.

Fee arrangements

We directly consult with clients about fee arrangements and reporting requirements for each litigation matter. Our six decades of experience with liability insurers and in-house corporate counsel enable us to understand and conform to those litigation and billing policies and practices of a wide variety of clients. The firm makes use of the latest computerized billing and reporting methods to communicate with our clients. Our rates are competitive with the legal market despite the higher level of representation provided. This is done by keeping our overhead as low as possible, employing more efficient case-handling practices and being receptive to alternative fee arrangements.

Team work

Fenton, Fenton, Smith, Reneau & Moon attorneys often work in teams, where such is called for by the complexity and size of the litigation or representation. This enables our clients to have multiple points of contact when they desire it. It also allows for more cost efficiency in the representation – matching more experienced lawyers with the more complex tasks, and less experienced lawyers with more routine tasks. One of the significant strengths of the firm is its corps of very experienced legal assistants and secretaries who provide support on each legal matter handled by the firm. The Fenton firm has also teamed up with Kelley, Kelley & Gregory, P.C. to expand our services into the areas of property and probate law. These attorneys are of counse to the firm and office here with us to be on call to address clients' needs in these areas.


Edgar Fenton was a native Oklahoman whose family toiled in the coal mines of southeastern Oklahoma during the early 20th Century. As a teen-aged coal mine employee himself he witnessed the harsh and dangerous conditions of mining. As a young man he sought to change that; later becoming a politically active lawyer for the labor union and lobbying for protections for industrial workers. He assisted in drafting the first workers compensation statutes in Oklahoma when the Legislature created the Industrial Court (forerunner to today’s Workers Compensation Court). Later, Mr. Fenton became claims manager for United States Fidelity & Guaranty Insurance Company, overseeing the first workers compensation claims in Oklahoma. He subsequently began his law practice in the Industrial Court.

Mr. Fenton became a partner with noted Oklahoma City lawyer Ned Looney in the firm Looney and Fenton in 1939. After World War II Mr. Fenton’s son, Elliott, returned from his duties as Navy captain in the Pacific to join his father in the practice of law in Oklahoma City. They founded Fenton & Fenton on November 1, 1947. The pair were later joined by fellow WWII veteran and enterprising railroad lawyer William G. Smith; then medical malpractice lawyer Dale Reneau, and also workers compensation counsel Milton Moon, to form what is today known as Fenton, Fenton, Smith, Reneau & Moon.

Although the firm has moved offices over the years, ever since its beginning in 1947 the firm has been located within a short walk of the Oklahoma County courthouse and U.S. District Court in downtown Oklahoma City.